Our research group has two primary research objectives:  (1) Identify and quantify bi-directional feedbacks between land management, climate, and ecosystems, and (2) quantify the impacts of varied land management on coupled biogeochemical cycles, and the ecosystem goods and services we derive from agroecosystems.  

Our research centers on three major themes: (i) numerical modeling: characterizing how ecosystems function as part of the Earth’s carbon, water, nutrient, and energy cycles and predicting how these systems will likely respond to future changes in land use and climate; (ii) biophysical, biogeochemical, and ecological field research; quantifying goods and services provided by agroecosystems and alternative bioenergy cropping systems; and (iii) quantifying historical climate change: impacts on agricultural management and productivity.
Associate Professor
Department of Agronomy
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Center For Sustainability and the Global Environment
University of Wisconsin-Madison

1575 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Phone:  608.890.3021
Email: kucharik AT wisc.eduChris_Kucharik.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

August 2012 Kucharik Lab

Sitting, first row L-R: Skye Greenler, Michael Cruse, Joey Lechelt, Tyler Davis; Back row L-R: Rachel Licker, Brianna Laube, Amelia Perillo, Chris Kucharik, Gregg Sanford, Missy Motew, Richard Gaillard, Evren Soylu, Jason Schatz, Mallika Nocco, and Eric Booth (missing: Taylor Pomije)

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